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Respondr increases the effectiveness and extends the reach of trained people carrying Narcan / Naloxone by providing real time alerts and directions to nearby individuals witnessing an overdose.

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Table of Contents

  1. Usage
  2. Requirements
  3. Development
    1. Installing Dependencies
    2. Tasks
  4. Team
  5. Contributing


Annonymous users can ask for help by pressing the help button at the bottom of the screen.

Users who ask for help only share their location with our servers, protecting their privacy.

After requesting help, a beacon is emitted from the user’s location. Responders who are online and nearby are queried one at a time, ordered by the responder’s distance from the beacon, and asked if they are able to assist.

Responders who say yes accept a beacon and are given direcitons to the beacon’s location. Their route is depicted on the app for both the responder and the beacon to see. The responder and the beacon and are then able to chat in order to arrange for a safe drop off location. Responders are not given any personally identifying information for the beacon.

Responders are able to cancel a mission. If a responder cancels a mission a new beacon is emitted for other nearby responders.

Beacons can cancel their help request at any time. And the responder is immediately notified.

Responders can login or signup.

login signup

New responder can choose to be public (and visible on the map to anyone with the app installed) or private and only visible when they are matched with the beacon.

signupPrivacy signupPrivacy2

Responders can update their profile preferences (including their setting privacy) at any time in the profile menu accessed from the menu button.

Responders can also register as mobile or static locations.

signupMobility signupStatic

Static markers are displayed on the map but cannot receive beacons.


  • Node 0.10.x
  • Redis 2.6.x
  • Postgresql 9.1.x
  • React Native ^0.46.4,
  • React Native Maps ^0.15.3,
  • Redux ^3.7.1”,
  • Redux Thunk ^2.2.0,
  • React Native Background Geolocation ^2.8.4,
  • Push Notification IoS,


Installing Dependencies

From within the root directory:

  • npm install
  • set up a config file and an env file (refer to .envEXAMPLE and .configEXAMPLE)
  • npm run ios
  • npm run server


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See for contribution guidelines.

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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details